ART12’s Loot and Mathis found a method to get their loot. As their loot is not getting them money to pay any serious bills, their work does good. It’s not to be calculated in numbers but interped on having the spirit to put soul in their culture.

“But there’s one thing about niggers I do not love… Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution!”- The Last Poets.

Mathis and Loot

There is a small revolution going on. Non buisiness and do take it personal. What these revolutionairies did, in an age where it is ‘Nigger, Nigger, Nigger’, is called a revolution. In an age where the negativity rules the air waves. Where the skills to do some ice gets more respect than doing a show really nice. As Wycleff said: “I’m not a customer/leave that crack alone.” They ignored whatever. In these days society is stucked on the induvidual getting his or hers. Where the request to put society back in the society gets louder each day. These two guys skipped the PolderModel (The Third Way as it is called by Bill Clinton) and just did it, doing it without any brand. They came, saw and went to do their own thing: releasing a Dutch compilation album independently. “Why?”, do you ask me. Well, they just: “Euhm… well, we are not going to wait till maybe somebody else is going to let something happen.”

These two guys just entertain them selves, just went out to do their own thing, just didn’t run when the revolution came because they are not scrarred. Not afraid for loosing money, not out to get money, just out to get what?
Loot: “To take initiative in our own hands. In The Netherlands they only complain about that there ain’t nothing happening. And we just want to bring those who do something, together. So we can enjoy what is happening ourselves and share it with others.”

The stuppid thing: at the moment you brake the chains and do something, sticking your kneck out, people start to complain that you doing something that should be done like this or that. Or how they should do it.
Mathis: “Its’ a catch 22.”

Without even planning it, it all was a logical next step to what Loot already did for sometime: making compilation tapes for himself that others wanted to have too. Like a wise old kowledge: what a teenager does during his teener years, he will continue doing to do later on inhis adult life. Now Loot is a young man, he started to release compilations with material he already was interested in.
Mathis: “Loot can be so irretating nearby a CD player or turntable. He knows a lot about music, has a lot of music but never listens to one song til the end. He listens to it shortly and right away skips it to the nex track.”
Loot: “Yes, euhm…?!?
Mathis: “On school he came with the idea, not really knowing he already had all means. It’s a simple but dope idea.”
Loot: “We had a job to work on a fair for our school but there were no visitors, meaning you getting paid without really to work for it. We used that money for the project. We started with five songs. The response was already bigger from the start on. There were also people who fell off.”
Mathis: “Some are just very spontaneous. There are people that just sent in their music. With the remark ‘see what you do with it’. It’s a great chance for everybody. It’s a showcase like, ‘hey people we are here too’.”
Loot: “We recieved many reactions from the media and industry. This has to brake down a barrier for people that organize jams.”
Mathis: “Support acts are always from a small circle. But look, there are also a lot of other people in The Netherlands.”
Loot: “Yes, this here is diverse.”

Like times tells often, not everybody can be trust. You can’t always build on everybody; on purpose or not. With whom are your ideas safe? How did you do that with Personal Revolutions?

Mathis: “A small group of people that took part of it. People you can trust.”
Loot: “We did everything ourselves. And do everything ourselves. There are always a lot of people that have a big mouth. that only want to help when it suits them… To say it short, this is an initiative of the Dutch HipHop scene.”
Mathis: “The mastermind behind the project is Loot.”
Loot: “Mathis is…”
Mathis: “Don’t write that down AQ!”
Loot: “He wrote it down…. You don’t realize that you get there. You are just hardworking and at the moment you look up you see how much work you did. And you suprise yourself.”
Mathis: “People really do come for this CD to the shops. People are all very enthusiast. Ofcourse there are those typical people that don’t think it’s any good at all. Well, we are not going to wait on them.”
Loot: “Cause of this CD you get a lot of contacts and you have to keep in contact. Many hands make the work easier.”

In the end Loot and Mathis conclude once more that you just have to do your own thing. But that the support for our own music from our own streets is still lacking.

“Niggers are lovers. Niggers love top hear Malcolm rap but they didn’t love Malcolm. Niggers love everything but themselves. But I’m a lover too. Yeah… I love Niggers because niggers are me. And I should only love that which is part of me…”- Niggers Are Scarred Of Revolution! by The Last Poets ISBN0-8050-4778-6

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